A Door Within a Door Within a Door March 2015  @ SpringBreak Artshow Moynihan Station, New York, NY.

2 mylar rock formations: #1  22ft height x 15ft diameter /  #2  11ft height x 6 ft diameter

Abstract pink painting  40ft x 16ft

Vault 54x42 ft. painted black

Sound element By Grace Villamil & Tyondai Braxton as Llue.


Curatorial Statement:

A Door Within a Door Within a Door(2015) is a multimedia, multi-sensory experience that combines light, sound, sculptural installation and music performance in the VAULT at Moynihan Station 33rd St. Manhattan, NY. A vault by definition is to keep things of value safe. In Grace's world the most valuable transaction is the intimate one we have with ourselves. Her rock formations made of safety blankets are metaphors to a time before borders, and cultural differences. Upon entering the space, one walks through the protective, steel vault doors, and into the environment where the audience is then confronted with a large mylar rock formation, a geological hoodoo found in the desert. From the exterior the mylar reflects a yellow color mimicking a large piece of gold in which the audience has the choice of entering. If/When entered, the audience is invited to sit and/or lay inside to attain the experience. Laand is Sun, the sound piece that fills and overwhelms the entire environment was from a live performance on the opening night. It is an original piece created by Llue, Grace Villamil and Tyondai Braxton's collaboration side project. It is inspired by her previous field recordings from Roraima, Venezuela. Replacing the insects and buzz of the earth in the field recordings, are a cacophony of voices reverberating against the walls of the space at different pitches. This loop of echoing voices over dark electronic drones creates a cyclical cocoon of sound augmenting the sensory experience happening inside and outside of the rock formation.